• Product Name: Dry cow suspension

        dry period oil medicine for treat subclinical mastitis of cow


        Product Description

        The Dry Period Oil: Used for the treatment of the cow subclinical mastitis by injecting the antibacterial drugs into the nipple during the dry period. This work is one of the most important measures for breast caring, because the cure during the dry period not only reduces the new mastitis but also has a significant effect:

        (1) The cure rate of the dry period is higher than lactation period.

        (2) Large doses of antibiotics are available.

        (3) The impaired mammary tissue would restore, in preparation for the new lactation period.

        (4) Avoid the clinical acute mastitis after calving. The dry period oil is made on the basis of above principles. After several years of clinical use, its cure and protection rate is up to 98%.


        Range of action:

        The Dry Period Oil can't be absorbed easily, it keeps avoiding the bacteria for more than two weeks. It not only can prevent the uninfected mamma from infected, but also can cure the infected parts.



        Sterilize the nipple and the nearby area after the lactation, shake up the oil and inject it into the nipple. Every milking area for 10ml and the positive milking area should be double dosages. The milking area with clinical symptoms should be cured before using The Dry Period Oil.



        1. Do an examination on the subclinical mastitis three weeks before the dry period. If there is no professional instrument to examine, you could milk the cows for the last time three days before the dry period, then observe them for three days. If there is nothing unusual, you could dry the milk, and the positive milking area should be double dosages.

        2. For the sick cows with clinical mastitis, you should dry the milk after curing them.

        3. Be sure to provide a clean environment for mammary gland during the dry period. And observe them at any time, once abnormal conditions occur, deal with them immediately!

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