• Product Name: Iron Dextran 10% Injection

        Iron Dextran 10% Injection



        Each ml solution contains:

        Iron Dextran----------100mg



        The product is a kind of organic injection with high iron content. It has a good effect on preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia in baby piglets, and promoting its growth. This product is also effective on grown-up animals such as pig, foal, calf, dog, lamb and etc.



        For the preventing and treatment of iron deficiency anemia including neonatal anemia in pig, foal, calf, dog, lamb and enhances immunity.

        (1)  It increases the baby pigs survival rate and enhances the ability of fighting against disease and relieves stress, prevent White Muscle Disease.

        (2)  It treats the postpartum anemia, operation anemia, parasite anemia and nutrition.

        (3)  It has good effect on preventing and curing iron-deficiency anemia in baby pig, then promoting its growth.



        Administrated by deep intramuscular injection.

        Dosages per time for piglets are100-200mg, for calves 200-600mg, for baby dogs are 20-200mg.



        1. When the serious impairment of hepatic and renal function shouldn’t be use.

        2. Intramuscular inject may cause the partial ache, to be supposed the deeply intramuscularly.

        3. To have to refrigerate, the long time sets may have the precipitation.

        4. The injection excessively is extremely easy with the iron tonic to be poisoned, therefore should strictly control the dosage.



        Store in cool place and avoid exposure of direct sunlight.


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