• Product Name: Ivermectin injection 2%

        Ivermectin injection 2% veterinary use only


        Ivermectin is a breakthrough new injectable antiparasite for cattle sheep and camels.It provides effective control of the internal and external parasites that impair the health and productivity livestock.As a chemical entity ,it is convenient ,has broad-spectrum efficacy and a wide safety margin which make it ideal for parasite control in livestock.p\


        Product description

        Ivermectin is a ready-to-use 10w/v sterile solution of Ivermectin which is a derivative of the avermectins,a family of highly active,broadspectrum antiparasite agents which are isolated from fermentations of the soil micro-organism Stretomyces avermitillis.Ivermectin is formulated to deliever the recommended dose of 200mcg/kg bodyweight.



        Ivermectin is indicated for the effective treatment and control of the parasites.

        Antibiotic to kill and control eelworm,inspects and acarus. It can be used to control and prevent gastrointestinal track eelworm and lung eelworm in livestock and poultry and fly maggot,acarus,louse,and other parasites outside body.


        In cattle:

        Gastrointestinal roundworms:

        Ostertagia ostertagi(adults and immatures)including inhibited O.lyrata,Haemonchus placei,

        Trichostronglus axei,T.colubriformis,Cooperia oncophora,C.punctata,C.pectinata,Nematodirus

        Helvetianus,Oesophagostomum radiatum,N.spathiger,Toxocara vitulorum.

        Lungworms,lice,mites and other parasites


        In sheep:

        Gastrointestinal roundworms:

        Haemonchus contortus(adults and immatures),Ostertagia circumcincta,O.trifurcata

        Trichostrongylus axei,T.colubriformis,T.vitrinus,Nematodirus filicollis,Cooperia curticei

        Oesophagostomum columbianum,O.venulosum,Chabertia ovina,Trichuris ovis.

        Lungworms,nasal bot,mange mites.


        In camels:

        Gastrointestinal roundworms:

        Camelostrongylus mentulatus,Haemonchus contortus,Haemonchus contortus,H.longistipes,

        Ostertagia spp.,Trichostrongylus axei,T.colubriformis,T.probolurus,T.vitrinus,Impalia spp.,

        Mange mites


        Mode of Action:

        Ivermectin paralyzed and ultimately kill parasitic nematodes,arachnids and insects by a unique effect on the nervous systems of these parasites.At therapeutic doses,ivermectin is well tolerated by livestock since it does not readily penetrate the central nervous system.



        1.Cattle and sheep must not be treated within 21 days of slaughter for human consumption;camels must not be treated within 28 days of slaughter for human consumption.

        2.This product is not to be used intravenously or intramuscularly.

        3.Protect from light, keep this and all drugs out of reach of children.



        10ml,50ml,100ml. 1%,2% (glass bottle or plastic bottle)

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