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Anti mastitis ointment
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Anti mastitis ointment

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Function: Antibacterial Drugs
Dosage Form: Ointment
Animal Type: Cattle, cow, diary cow
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: GAO
Model Number: 300g/bottle
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Certification: GMP
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Packaging Details: 300g/bottle or as your requirements
Delivery Detail: within 15-30days after confirm the package  
anti mastitis oinment drugs treatment for mastitis
Product Description
anti mastitis oinment
anti mastitis oinment is made from pure ingredients, which is a cinical epidermal embrocation for cow mastitis. As a mastitis medication, the antiphlogistin not only works out to be better than some of the antibiotics, but also leaves not side-effects and without any drug tolerance. The cows that have been treated with the antiphlogistin are clinically proved no antibiotics to be left over in their milk.    
Range of action:  Activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, disperse swelling and relieve pain when applied externally.   Sope of application:   
It has been clinically proven that it has a certain effect on subsidence of a swelling, such as mammary swelling, anarthrous, hoof swelling ad so on. Typically treating for redness, hot, and pain, and acting fast on reducing the swelling. If treated as oon as the syptoms are found, usually it takes only 3-4 times to be cured. The treatment results in short course of time and high cure rate.  
Application: 1. Anti-inflammatory Cream works better when used with " Mastis-reducing oil" can also be separately used.
2. The antiphlogistin has a significant result for some infectious acnes on the breast skin.
3. Mix the antiphlogistin before using, embrocate the infected area directly by hands, the greater area you applied, the better result you will get. Applied too hard will hurt the mammary gland.  
After several years of clinical study, antibiotics have advantages of killing the bacteria, but not good at reducing the swelling, instead, treatment do will in reducing the inflammation. For deverasing the antibiotics residues in the milk, the only way is to use the antibiotic as little as possible, there might one day that herbal treatment can subsituent all antibiotics in the future.
One of the necessary prerequisites is to follow all the procedures as listed, so the best way to treat the mastitis as described below: " 3
Early Principle: Early to find, find any problems when collecting the milk.
Early to treat, treat with the antiphlogistin as soon as possible  
Early to eliminate the cause, find out the cause of the problem such as wrong milking operations, infected milking apparatus, bad environment and so on.
In most cases, the antiphlogistin works after applying it 2-3times. Each morning and evening after collecting the milk, apply 60-80g/milking area,embrocate the infected area directly by hands. the individual has not turned better, please consider applying " Mastitis-Antiphlogosis", Mastitis- Antiphlogosis can also be used as first time drug. When the mastitis was found, apply with it. Practice has proven that: 3 Early Principle can help to reduce the rate of mastitis if the milking worker follow it, and prevent the condition getting worse. Generally, over 90% of the cases can be eliminated when treated with " Anti-inflammatory Cream" and Mastitis-Antiphlogosis",
The significance of using Anti-inflammatory Cream and Masititis-Antiphlogosis" to treat for cow mastitis is to prevent the chronic and acute mastitis, and it works totally different from the antibiotics, the antiphlogistin not only kills the bacteria, but also not to break the breast immune system. In most cases, cows with mastitis which are treated with antibiotics have a poor abiliby to reduce the lump in the breast, if not treated in time, the lump will develop into chronic and intractable mastitis.
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